Before implementing interprofessional collaboration, focused training offers you the best chance to achieve your goals. We offer a Survival Guide as either a stand-alone product or in addition to on- or off-site team facilitation services.  Greg Dziadosz, our lead facilitator, designed and directed the implementation of an interprofessional team treating 750 people with co-occurring chronic health conditions, including psychiatric conditions.
The Survival Guide’s sections include: objectives and measures, patients and the site, professions, and funding sources.
Here is a sample from the patients and site section that was developed for academic and clinical site partners in Northern Michigan.
Our training services are listed below. Please visit our implementation steps to see how we apply our expertise.
  • Research
  • Strategic planning
  • Grant writing
  • Professional networking
  • Event planning
  • Interprofessional facilitator training
  • Online course delivery
  • Interprofessional clinical rotation scheduling
  • Program evaluation
Please contact the Michigan Health Council at 517-347-3332 to learn more about the Survival Guide and related facilitation services.