Step 7: Calibrate team performance

Once you start interprofessional collaboration, you can’t stop. You need to calibrate. Diverging expectations and personal or professional conflicts are just a few things that could cause a health care team to stumble.


We offer quick ways for teams to practice interprofessional collaboration through case studies. If you want more practice, we also facilitate training opportunities based on your needs on- or off-site to help you protect time to build and enhance the camaraderie and collaboration of your interprofessional team. Past clients include: Central Michigan University, Interprofessional Wellness Clinic at Ferris State University, Hamilton Community Health Network, Michigan Area Health Education Center, and Saginaw Valley State University.


Topics covered during this step include ways to practice applying interprofessional competencies, appreciative inquiry to help refocus teams, and phrases to reinforce or correct team behavior.


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