Interprofessional Tool Kit

Below you will find a list of tool kit items to help you implement interprofessional collaboration.
The contents of the Education to Practice Tool Kit range from background documents, to hands-on items that can be used in the integration of collaborative learning and care in an education or health care setting.
Appreciative Inquiry
Benefits of IPE/C
Case Studies
Case Studies II
Common Language Worksheet
Conflict Resolution
Debriefing Guide
Group Work & High Performing Teams
Huddle Guide
Huddle Facilitator Roles
Ice Breaker Exercises
IPE Flashcards
Key Components
Motivational Interviewing
Patient Care Plan
Patient Clinical Record
Perceptions of Professions
Preparation for Interprofessional Education
Profiles of Effective Teams
Shared Decision Making
Team Building in Health Care
Team Leadership
Understanding Error


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